• Shoe Sustainability Spotlight

    Real Progress Being Made. Real Programs and Ideas to Learn From.

  • Some suggest the footwear industry is doing little to transform and reduce its environmental footprint. Quite the opposite...

    Footwear companies have been working hard at measuring impacts, redesigning products, retooling processes, and working to increase transparency.

    We realize there is more important work to do in this very complex space. But advances continue at historic rates – from the use of environmentally preferred materials to thoughtful innovations on new packaging and new processes for recycling waste.

    Here is an inside look at the work being done, but not often seen, to better inform the public, media, interest groups, and policymakers. It is also aimed at helping shoe companies find new ideas and pathways to increase their efforts.

  • Shoe Sustainability Stories

    Examples of Key Efforts, Ideas, Innovations and Leadership

    Innovating Better Things in a Better Way with Jad Finck of Allbirds

    Caleres’s Journey to a more Sustainable Future with Andee Burton

    Deckers Brands CEO Dave Powers on Authentic ESG Leadership

    The Amazing Sustainable Journey of Saucony’s New ZERO Plastics Shoe

    Innovating Towards More Ethical/Sustainable Footwear Foams

    The Science Behind Van’s new EcoCush Insole

    Future Footwear – NFW on Material Innovations Displacing Plastics

  • Insights

    Sustainability Podcasts—Hear from brand leaders and experts in footwear sustainability and innovation

  • Getting better at doing good. Step by step.

    Dive deep into ESG/impact statements and goals for a full exploration of how various shoe companies are mapping, measuring, and reducing their footprint

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