• FDRA's Footwear Factory Zero Waste Program

    FDRA's Footwear Factory Zero Waste Program is an industry-wide 12-month program aimed at eliminating manufacturing waste in shoe factories and proving a return on investment for both brands and manufacturers. It helps factories optimize material use and manufacturing practices as well as implement recycling programs that help them identify, sort, and recycle waste to keep it out of landfills, significantly increasing sustainability at the factory level.

  • Pilot results of the program show a near 40% reduction in factory waste headed to the landfill and incineration

  • Phase 1 Results

    Highlights of Phase 1 results and program cost

  • Phase 2 Program Activities

    Building on the success of Phase 1, the second phase of the program was launched in March/April 2021 in China. Phase 2 expands the data collection to include carbon emission that allows us to calculate and verify carbon footprint at the supply chain level.

  • Additional Resources

    View our webinar to learn how to get involved

    Read our foundational shoe waste proposal 

    Download our full program flyer

  • FDRA's Footwear Factory Zero Waste Program is a factory sustainability plug-and-play program that is yielding amazing results for shoe companies. The program is open to shoe companies to join.


    Please contact us at info@fdra.org to learn how you can sign up and reduce your environmental impact at the factory level without great effort or funds.